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posted by jules fassnidge

this month's special juju and roo club discount is for our gorgeous collection of soy wax candles - so I thought it was a good idea to put them in the spotlight and tell you more about them!

I've always been a bit of a candle snob; I want my candles to always smell beautiful; both when they're lit and not lit. I want them to fill the room with their fragrance, and have a nice, even burn that uses up every bit of the wax. and a good steady flame that doesn't bounce around the room is ideal, too.

I was so blown away when I first tried these candles; they're made by an expert candle maker here in the UK, who is just as fussy as I am! they tick every box of the candle snob checklist. and I feel super lucky to be able to stock them at juju and roo!


small candle in a silver tin with the words 'love you' on the lid

I always stock three main fragrances - a sweet one, a citrus one, and a luxury/perfumed one. they're all gorgeous in their own right, but I hope that they each appeal to whatever your favourite candle might be.

♥ very vanilla - intense vanilla bean aroma, with a subtle addition of cream, buttermilk, coconut and malt.
♥ sparkling pomelo - notes of sparkling champagne, blended with citrus fruits of grapefruit, brazilian orange and pink pomelo; with hints of tart rhubarb and juicy watermelon.
♥ cashmere & white amber - a rich, floral, woody amber fragrance with jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber.

I also always stock a limited edition fragrance - which is currently spiced orange; a special blend of orange, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg. I've only got limited stock of these, and they're running out - so be quick if you'd like one!


large candle in a silver tin with the words "take some time for you" on the lid

it wouldn't be a gift from juju and roo if it wasn't thoughtful and personalised, too - so you can choose whatever personalisation you'd like for the lid.

whether you'd like some kind words (you got this! or take some time for you), or a candle personalised with your friend's name, or maybe a newly married couple's new surname - you can choose whatever you'd like!


our candles are available in two sizes, and you can also choose from silver or rose gold tins. every candle comes with its own care instructions to help you get the best out of it; and its own gift box, too.


if you have any questions about our candles, or any of our products - please get in touch!

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